Allstar Communications Cabling Services, Design and Engineering

The successful deployment of any communications system relies heavily on cable management and structured wiring.

Allstar Communications cabling, fiber opticsAllstar Communications technicians hold Panduit PCI certifications, BiCSi certifications, and Multimode & Single-mode Fiber Optic Certifications. Our technicians are trained and certified for all varieties of cable installation and management, including:

  • Cat 5/Cat 6 Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Audio/Visual Cabling
  • Cabinets, Racks & Carts

After each Structured Copper Wiring or Fiber Optic installation, all connections are tested with a Fluke Meter to certify your installed cabling will perform to specifications.

Voice and Data Cabling

Panduit is recognized world wide as the leader in quality cabling products. Allstar Communications technicians all hold Panduit PCI certifications and attend Panduit training courses quarterly.

Allstar has been named the Panduit PCI of The Year for Northern Indiana by Panduit for our quality installations.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Allstar Communications’ technicians are certified for Multimode and Single-mode Fiber Optic cabling.

Team Allstar cabling serviceWhether your need is for high-speed data connections within a building, across the street, or throughout a campus – Team Allstar can design, engineer, and install a custom fiber optic network to meet your specific needs.

Fiber optic cables are very strong, but their effectiveness can be reduced if not properly handled and installed. Installations of fiber optic cables by untrained technicians can lead to strength degradation and early failure from dynamic fatigue, static fatigues, and zero-stress aging.

Optical fiber cabling – glass or plastic, conductive or non-conductive, general use or plenum – make Allstar Communications part of your Team for optimum performance in your fiber optic cable network.

Paging Systems

Allstar Communications’ paging systems keep staff and customers informed, ensuring smooth operations.

Team Allstar understands and has experience with the multitude of situations that can be improved with properly designed and implemented paging systems.

  • Guest Paging
  • Staff Paging
  • Push for Service Paging

No matter your industry, Allstar Communications’ paging systems help you improve productivity by speeding internal communications, build customer satisfaction by freeing them from waits in crowded rooms, and provide flexibility and efficiency to your operations through wireless notifications.

Allstar Technical Support

With Team Allstar’s expert technicians, you’ll always have someone available to provide any support you need. This includes voice and data systems, paging systems, managing physical infrastructure systems, and even your copper and fiber optic cabling.

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