Allstar Communications, Building the Future with Education

Allstar Communications has years of experience in meeting the communications needs of educational institutes of all shapes and sizes, from K12 to multi-campus universities. We understand the needs of educational institutions and offer solutions that simplify and improve efficiency.

Digital System Management & SecurityStudents gathered to collaborate

We offer digital tools designed for security and access control, with a straightforward system management for in-house updates and changes. Our proven record of reliability ensures consistent performance across your digital solution’s¬†lifespan, so you can focus on what matters: your students.

Flexible Administration

Is there a sudden snow day? Perhaps there’s a guest speaker coming, or a campus festival you want people to know about. We have notification tools to help you reach everyone, with flexible controls to adapt to the unexpected.

We offer E911 alerting for front office and administrative staff in case of emergencies, so you can react quickly.

System Training

Because we appreciate the value of learning, we also offer comprehensive training for teaching staff, operators, and administrators. After all, you wouldn’t expect a student to take a test without being taught the material, so we wouldn’t expect you to learn our solutions without educating you.

Let Team Allstar provide a robust communications system to your all-star educators.


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