Allstar Communications, Meeting the Communications Requirements of Healthcare

When it comes to healthcare and a patient’s well-being, you need a high-quality, secure, and easily accessible communications platform to share information and get patients the care they need.

Allstar Communications has years of experience building systems and services for Healthcare providers. Our goal is to design and implement the best possible digital tools for patients and medical staff.

Call Handling & Call Centerhealthcare medical staff consult with their team using a tablet

With our advanced call handling options and call center features, Healthcare providers can quickly and easily connect the right department and person.

Allstar Communications systems are flexible and scalable. They are designed to grow with your organization.

Team Allstar’s straightforward system management for in-house changes and additions makes it easy to make adjustments whenever the need arises.


Many healthcare professionals work on the go: on the road or in a hospital. Team Allstar provides robust mobility features for Healthcare providers and staff alike, as well as support for bring your own device (BYOD). No matter where they are or what device they use, doctors, surgeons, and medical staff can stay connected.

Security & HIPAA Compliance

Security is a high concern for all fields, healthcare even more so. Allstar Communications is proud to be fully HIPAA compliant. Our highly resilient and secure communications can ensure a high uptime, backup call routing and coverage.

Should there be any issues, you’ll have quick access to our network operations center of highly skilled professionals, who can help you through technical support and restorative services.

Your patients deserve the best health coverage, and you deserve the best communications. Take a look at the systems we have to offer, and make Allstar part of your communications team.

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