Allstar Communications, Phone Systems Designed for Small & Medium Businesses

More demand, fewer people, less budget – but the need for a phone solution with the same powerful features enjoyed by large enterprises.

Team Allstar is here to help your business, no matter its size.

Unified Communications Features for Business

Small Business Owner on a SmartphoneAllstar Communications provides phone solutions for SMBs with enterprise-class Unified Communications features, including:

  • Direct numbers (DIDs)
  • Mobility
  • Voicemail to email
  • Secure communications and rich presence
  • Click-to-call
  • Reporting features

Our solutions also feature call tracking, analysis, and reporting features. These provide you with visibility into your business calling trends, helping you maximize efficiency and properly manage your costs.

Business Phone Systems Built to Scale

Your business may be small now, but that means it has room to grow. Allstar Communications’ solutions are flexible and able to scale, allowing them to grow with your business. A custom designed Allstar phone system can be used across branch locations and multiple offices. The system capacity increases incrementally as you need it, allowing you to avoid the need for large investments to grow.

With Team Allstar’s straightforward system management for in-house changes, it’s easy to adjust and adapt as your business grows.

Allstar Cost Savings

You will see substantial monthly cost savings, made possible through Team Allstar’s expert analysis of your individual needs. We have local experts who understand our clients and our area. We work with you to figure out exactly what you need and how we can provide it.

Allstar Training & Support

When you get started with Team Allstar, you’ll receive comprehensive training for your entire staff, so everyone is ready to hit the ground running. Should you need any assistance after that, you’ll have access to our highly skilled support team and restorative services.

Allstar Communications has years of experience meeting the unique needs of SMBs. We know what challenges you face and how to tackle them.

Contact us to get started with Allstar Communications.

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