A hosted business communications solution is not new technology. Unified Communications (UC) delivered from a cloud-based platform have become commonplace. The strength of cloud security has grown to comply with state and federal regulations, whether dealing with patient records or credit card transactions. Hosting your business’ UC phone solution in the cloud can provide cost-effective access to capabilities that, as recently as four years ago, were solely the domain of large corporations. Any business or organization, regardless of its size, can benefit from a hosted telephony solution.


Infographic, 5 Advantages of Hosted Communications

Ease of Deployment

Services can be up and running quickly with minimal upfront costs.


Maintenance, security and upgrades are performed in the cloud.


Easily add or remove users as needed.

No Obsolescence

Add the hottest new features as they emerge.

Business Continuity

If disaster strikes, communication capabilities can be accessed with any internet device.

Cloud-based unified communications have been a deployment option for several years. The standards for cloud UC reliability and security continue to improve and have become trusted by businesses of all sizes, from neighborhood repair shops to some of the world’s largest organizations.


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