Businesses can reduce the risk of being hacked by implementing a secure communications solution. Your business infrastructure should be secure, able to handle everyday operations without slowing or interfering with normal operations. With the constantly advancing threat of cybercrime, every business needs reliable, powerful protections as part of their digital infrastructure. A business phone system should protect your communications with multiple layers of security built into the solution.

Security and Cloud Communications

NEC Managed Security Services provides an overview of the cycle of communications security features every business should look for. Contracting for a hosted, or cloud, communications solution provides a team of specialists to monitor your system’s infrastructure security measures. With a secure cloud environment, you reduce the risk of a cyber-attack and meet many of the compliance requirements for a multitude of industries.


NEC’s ActiveGuard Security and Compliance Platforms demonstrates the high levels of security available in a hosted service.

NEC ActiveGuard Cloud Security

  • Log Monitoring: Storing your records in an easy to find location
  • Log Management: Storing data in a secure location
  • Compliance Services: Providing secure services to meet standards and regulations
  • Vulnerability Management: Determines strengths and weaknesses in and out of the business
  • Security Device Management: Keeps devices secure through their everyday use
  • Security Consulting Services: Talk over your security needs with our team of security specialists

Hosted Business Phone Services

While not every business requires extreme security measures, today, even the most cost-effective business solutions should be reliable and secure. All businesses require a strong basic level of security for their communications. With a hosted unified communications solution, that security is built-in.

NEC’s hosted unified communications solution, UNIVERGE BLUE, protects your business phone system 24/7, through a robust cloud infrastructure. Download the free white paper, Enhancing the User Experience with Cloud UC, to learn more about the benefits of communications in a safe cloud environment. Visit our Business Phone Services webpage for additional information about how cloud-based communications can protect your business communications.